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UX Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since I was young, I have always loved art which led me to study animation in high school. There I explored storytelling, scriptwriting, animation, and art. After graduation, I discovered Future games a vocational school in Stockholm focusing on the gaming industry. My goal back then was to study 3D design and animation. That is when I saw the ad for a new education from future games sister school changemaker educations about the Experience designer program. This is how I happened to fall into the world of UX.


As a UX designer, my work includes continuously improving the design, ensuring we work towards company goals, and constantly improving user engagement. As a member of a  design team, I’m working with all UX-related matters such as user research, design, and data analysis. I find happiness in the broad field of UX design. I strive to become the spider in the web connecting everyone in the team, from working with research and data to moving pixels around in Figma.


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