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Heuristic evaluation



The company G-Loot had two platforms running GLL and G-Loot and they decided to merge them to create the complete Esports experience for both casual and pro gamers. I was working with the GLL platform with a small team and we were the ones merging tournaments that were under GLL into the new rebranded G-Loot platform. 

  • Rebrand Tournaments

  • Make Tournaments fit into the user journey

  • Creating new user flows 

  • Using the new G-Loot currency in the right way

The new G-Loot platform was released in mid-November 2021 after 2 months of hard work. We in the tournament team had made a full new tournament experience that did not just look different but was meant for a new core market user that was not only pro gamers but also everyday gamers. The tournaments were meant to be welcoming to all kinds of gamers.

Role and responsibilities

UX Designer

2021, 2 months

Tournaments team

(cross-functional team)


GLL users today have no value on their profile page. There is inconsistency and a lack of communication to the user from the profile page. The profile page has everything from stats, and teams to wallet and settings which is causing an overwhelming feeling for the user. If we create value and different functionalities we can create a profile page with a good overview.

IMPORTANT! When finding potential issues according to these principles they could be hypotheses to test during e.g. usability testing to be sure they actually are issues. It is also recommended to be more than one expert doing the analyze to prevent biases.

10 Heuristic principles

How to think when using severity grade:
The severity of a usability problem is a combination of three factors:

The frequency with which the problem occurs: Is it common or rare?

The impact of the problem if it occurs: Will it be easy or difficult for the users to overcome?

The persistence of the problem: Is it a one-time problem that users can overcome once they know about it or will users repeatedly be bothered by the problem?

Statistics (heuristics)
The most severe heuristic on the GLL website is consistency and standards

GLL most common problems

Bug when clicking on links.


Depending on how far down you are on the page when clicking a link you will not load on top of the page

This happens whenever you click a link that leads to another page on GLL.

GLL most common problems


The research we did was limited but we had a user researcher in the company that did the big works with personas and NPC. 

I only did competitor analysis and benchmarking before we started with the new teams and when we released that is when I started conducting research by checking our data (keeping track of KPIs), getting feedback from our community on discord and also from customer support, bugs that developers found, and of course conducting user interviews on both our personas who were the everyday gamer and the pro gamer. 

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