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Onboarding app - Swedbank




Umbria, Italy



Design Team

Alex Ayad, Natasha Boil

Landscape Architecture

Dreams and Co.

3D Illustrations

Cube and Tube


Josh Shaw


Project goals

  • Conduct research on a company with over 100 employees on their onboarding experience

  • Find a company that wants to participate in our study.

  • Conducts user interviews and user testing

  • Design a mobile onboarding application for the company 

  • Pitch our design solution to the stakeholders



Our onboarding mobile application will enable employees to access news and updates, creating an excellent introduction to the company core values and giving them access to an extensive education program. The application will help the newly employed get more knowledge about the role and expectations by providing the relevant information tailored for their position. This can make the employees more engaged in the onboarding process. Employees can use the tool throughout their employment to be updated on relevant company news and keep track of new education and mandatory deadlines all in one place.



We started by creating a list of questions for the interviews, Trying to understand what companies we should contact and clarifying our goal and objective for the research. 

We contacted several companies about participating in our research for our project about onboarding of new employees, we got an yes from Swedbanks head office in Stockholm.

We interview 5 employees within their IT department about their country of origin, previous work experience, what they thought about Swedbanks boarding process, their experience on pre boarding, how they felt working at the company and if a mobile application would have helped their experience during the preboarding and onboarding phase.

We gatherd our data and created an affinity mapping by narrowing down the core concerns of the employees. The core findings were

  • to understand what the company wanted to accomplish and what part the employees play in accomplishing that goal.

  • employees felt isolated from the rest of the company as they did not know anyone outside of their teams.

  • Employees felt the onboarding process was dragged out and poorly planned 



To easier understand the pain points and main concerns of the employes we made personas out of the research we can conducted. At this point we had to see if a mobile application could help and what we needed to improve or make easier during the onboarding phase for the employee. 

We made one group persona and two sub groups:


Log in with your bank ID for best security

onboarding: get to know wall of the different features, choose profile picture and you are ready to explore.

News flow: You can customize the news page by choosing categories of interest. You will also get alerts if there is some malfunction in the building or with a system and information to get you engaged in the company.

Hamburge menu: Easy access to your profile, settings and information.

User testing

We prepared a scenario for the employes interacting with the app and asked questions along the way. We gatherd feedback from the employees and started to categorize the feedback and analysing and doing changes to the prototype.


Design process

Findings we did and could act upon in a digital solution:

New employees didn't feel well infomed

the onboarding of new employees was long with a lot of mandatory courses

new employees felt that they where isolated and found it difficult meeting people outside of their teams

High-fi prototype

What did we change

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