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Hello, I'm Zoë

 I am a UX Designer 

In short, I love to create and explore new ways to better services and products.

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G-Loot - Merging of two products

Product design, research, User experience


Swedbank Pay Trustly express

Research, Product design, wireframes, prototype, UI


Onboarding app - Swedbank

Product design, Research, school project



Project money Journalist web widget

Product design, research, UI school project

About me

My journey "so far"

From a young age, my passion for art led me to study animation in high school, where I explored storytelling, scriptwriting, animation, and various art forms. After graduating, I discovered Future Games, a Stockholm vocational school focused on the gaming industry. While initially aiming for 3D design and animation, fate intervened when I came across an ad for the Experience Designer program at Changemaker Educations. This marked my entry into the world of UX.

In my role as a UX designer, my responsibilities encompass a perpetual enhancement of design quality, alignment with company objectives, and the ongoing enhancement of user engagement. I engage comprehensively with UX-related facets, spanning user research, design, and data analysis. The expansive realm of UX design brings me immense joy, and I aim to serve as a central nexus within the team — connecting diverse aspects, be it research and data interpretation or the meticulous arrangement of elements in Figma.

Design Manifesto

Keep learning

Always keep exploring visual and technological trends and advancements. Follow industry leaders and stay updated on new developments by reading books, articles, and engaging with the community.

Do your research

Understand your client's business model, and then delve into understanding its users. Identify the pain points users experience and devise solutions that align with the company's business goals.

Driven by data

Prototyping and user testing are important to validate your designs and assess them under almost real conditions. Listen to people. Don't cling to features you personally favor if they don't resonate with users.

Teamwork and transparacy

Value people around you by being open, honest, and open-minded. Always being receptive to feedback will create a stronger bond and foster a sense of trust.

Zoës Journey

UX/UI Designer at Swedbank Pay
Experience design education 
Internship and first UX Designer job
UX Design consultant working for community development
UX Designer at Sambla Group
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