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Profile page research and usability test



GLL users today have no value on their profile page. There is inconsistency and a lack of communication to the user from the profile page. The profile page has everything from stats, and teams to wallet and settings witch are causing an overwhelming feeling for the user. If we create value and different functionalities we can create a profile page with a good overview. 

Role and responsibilities

UX Designer

2021, 2 months

Tournaments team

(cross-functional team)


User behavior

Teams are very important for users

Viewing the leaderboard and then going to the profile page is common

Viewing the profile page and then going to the team's page is common

The top 3 used tabs are: Overview, match history, and wallet 

Secondary research

Profile customization is very common in profile pages (key to success)

Pro players want to show their gaming specs and sponsors

What I want to improve

I want to make the profile page the same with every game (consistency)

Make other users understand or evaluate other players based on their profile page (how good a player is)

Make the GLL profile something worth your time so you don't make 10 different accounts. 

Make features that are premium today free for all users

Interaction on other users' profile (give a rating to teammates)

Profile page should have the right features showing so the users can share the profile page like an Esports CV 



 The profile page offering as of today is limited. In PUBG we offer some stats and the possibility to add a bio and connect social accounts if you are a premium. In other games like Apex, the profile page is completely empty.


We believe that by updating the profile page and having users be able to promote themselves, which goes in line with our aspiring pro persona, the profile page can serve as a way into getting discovered by pro teams and increase user activity on GLL


We want to add functionality for the user to track their own, and others' progress on the platform and see how they improve over time. We also want to give users the keys to promote themselves through uploading highlights of themselves playing, adding a bio, seeing their tournament history and basic stats

Screen recordings

Session recordings on Hotjar are renderings of real actions taken by visitors as they browse a website. Recordings capture mouse movement, clicks, taps, and scrolling across multiple pages on desktop and mobile devices.

Session recordings show you everything a user sees in their browser.

Screen recording can help you to:


  • Understand and empathize with your user's experience on the website


  • See how users interact with specific website elements


  • Discover bugs, issues, and obstacles


  • Find out why people are leaving your website


  • Help team take decisions

50 users


Last 30 days

Questions I wanted to get answers to when looking at recordings: 


  • Device 

  • New/Old user

  • Premium yes/no

  • Tabs visited (flow)

  • Description of flow

  • Visited other teams/users (yes/no)

  • Description of visited teams/users

Top visited tabs on the profile page in order:


Overview: 39

Match History: 6

Wallet: 6


Settings: 2

Subscription: 2

Desktop: 40

Phone: 9

Tablet :1

Desktop: 40

Phone: 9

Tablet :1

Premium: 2

New users: 11

Old users: 39

Heatmap analysis

Website heatmaps visualize the most popular (hot) and unpopular (cold) elements of a webpage using colors on a scale from red to blue.


By aggregating user behavior, heatmaps facilitate data analysis and give an at-a-glance understanding of how people interact with an individual website page—what they click on, scroll through, or ignore—which helps identify trends and optimize for further engagement.

30 Days

Mode: Recorded moving 


Device: Desktop


  • Moving around the menu (3 dots) 


  • Not much moving on the profile picture or name


  • Users could be accessing settings, looking at their wallet or logging out from the platform from the menu

30 Days 

Mode: Recorded Clicks


Device: Desktop


  • 2735 click recorded


  • 672 click on the menu (3 dots)


  • 36 clicks on the profile picture


  • There is a shortcut for wallet and subscription on the menu

Research amplitude

I used amplitude to look at and validate data from the screen recordings on Hotjar. 


Looking at how users interact with the profile page from different pages on gll.

Amplitudes tracks your customers behavior by different charts.

Profile user task flow

Secondary research key take aways

How do esports teams and pro players promote themselves on social media?

Show on social media - twitch link, the game you play, esport team, their latest win or biggest win, upcoming tournaments, gaming gear promo

Important for pro players to show gaming gear and setting/sensitivity

Even if you know its a promotion, very transparent about promo

Articles on 10 ways to create a successful social media page?

  • Profile photo/ cover image


  • Same username/nickname(also in url)


  • Links to other social media


  • Write a bio about yourself


  • Consistent information about yourself across all platforms


  • Follow and share


  • Personalize your social media account

Competitors profile page

  • Get 1 free loot box to open 

  • Can buy loot boxes or separate items with their own currency 

  • Instead of a profile picture, you have a customizable character

  • Connected social media - Twitter, Facebook, twitch

  • Level progress XP bar 

  • Can upload a picture on the header  

  • Shows registered tournaments

  • Stats of game you are currently playing

  • Behavior index 

  • Video highlights 

  • Teams and friends

  • Social media - Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, youtube, and steam

  • About me description

  • Choose a profile picture and header picture


  • Stats

  • Main stats

  • Game preferences

  • Performance statistics - premium locked

  • Match history


  • Posts - much react 100 followers to post

  • Video - upload video highlights

  • Stream - twitch

  • Friends - Faceit friends and steam friends, See if your steam friends play face it, if not you can invite them and get rewards in form of face it currency

  • Following and Followers 

  • The premium feature for each separate game or premium for all games - includes badges 

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