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Onboarding app -

Onboarding mobile app that will help newly employed to get more engaged in the onboarding process.


Our goal was to create a mobile app that will enable employees to get access to news and company-wide updates, a good introduction to the core values of the company, and give them access to an extensive education program. The app could help the newly employed to get more knowledge about their role description and expectations by giving them information that is tailored to their role. By using this app new employees would get more engaged in the onboarding process and this app could be used throughout their employment to present relevant news, and company-wide updates, keeping track of new education, and mandatory deadlines all in one place.

Project goals:

  • Conduct research on a company with over 100 employees on their onboarding experience

  • Find a company that wants to participate in our study.

  • Conducts user interviews and user testing

  • Design a mobile onboarding application for the company 

  • Pitch our design solution to the stakeholders

A company loses 25% of its new employees within one year

Up to 20% of the newly employed lose engagement after just 45 days

Role and responsibilities

Project lead, UX/UI Designer, Pitch

2019-2020, 5 months

5 group members

Stakeholders: Swedbank & Changemaker Educations


We started by creating a list of questions for the interviews, Trying to understand what companies we should contact, and clarifying our goal and objective for the research. 

We contacted several companies about participating in our research for our project about the onboarding of new employees, we got a yes from Swedbank's head office in Stockholm.

We interview 5 employees within their IT department about their country of origin, previous work experience, what they thought about the Swedbanks boarding process, their experience on pre-boarding, how they felt working at the company, and if a mobile application would have helped their experience during the preboarding and onboarding phase.

We gathered our data and created an affinity mapping by narrowing down the core concerns of the employees. The core findings were

  • to understand what the company wanted to accomplish and what part the employees play in accomplishing that goal.

  • employees felt isolated from the rest of the company as they did not know anyone outside of their teams.

  • Employees felt the onboarding process was dragged out and poorly planned 

Affinity mapping 

We gathered our data and started with affinity mapping to narrow down the core concerns for the employes. The result and core concerns:

  • To understand what the company wanted to accomplish and what role the employees play to accomplish that goal.

  • Felt isolated from the rest of the company as they did not know anyone outside of their teams.

  • Felt like the onboarding process was dragged out and poorly planned.












To easier understand the pain points and main concerns of the employees we made personas. At this point we wanted to see if a mobile application could help and what we needed to improve or make easier during the preboarding and onboarding phase.

We made one group persona then two sub groups.

Design process

Findings we could act on in a digital solution: 

  • New employees did not feel well informed

  • the onboarding of new employees was a long process with a lot of mandatory courses.

  • New employees felt that they were isolated and found it difficult to meet people outside of their core teams.

After the primary research, we divided into two groups. One group made a prototype for the introduction training page and the other group made a prototype designed to make new employees an information page about what is going on in and around the workplace to create a sense of belonging and purpose at work.


Our prototype was to show our stakeholders what our concept was. They were impressed with the findings we had made and that we had found some of the issues with the company's onboarding process. They wanted to see us develop this concept further and test it. 

We created this design out of the perspective of our personas and empathy mapping. Creating a learning page to make it easier for employees to keep track of mandatory training, giving them rewards for completed courses (gamification). We also created a news page to inform the employees of company news and malfunctions In the building, an event page to get the employees to network, and get to know people outside of their teams, and a FAQ for questions that are often asked by new employees. These new features we felt could make the employee feel informed, engaged, and a part of the company.


Log in with your BankId for security

Onboarding gets you to know all of the different features, choose a profile picture and you are ready to go.

News flow, you can customize the news page by choosing categories of interest. You will also get alerts if there is happening something in the building.

The hamburger menu lets you get easy access to your profile, settings, and information

Started off by wirting our user test script and gathered all our usability test material. We prepared a scenario where the user would interact with the app. One person took notes and the other was conducting the test. When we gatherd all the feedback we categorized the feedback analysing and then deciding on changes to the concept.



Our findings were that users had problems handling the tags menu and that they didn't know what to expect from pressing the buttons, also that they needed to be bolder and more visible. There was also a lot of feedback with new ideas we could add.


What did we change:

We made a lot of changes in the design of the wireframes to make them more appealing to the eye. 

Onboarding: it's the same onboarding but we choose to remove the profile picture option and instead add a skip button, we also added dots as steps to get an understanding of the length of the process. Changes were based on user feedback.

News flow': when we tested there was confusion with the news flow. the users were unsure of what button leads to where and even how they would interact with this page. We did some changes to the flow enabling users to choose the information they find interesting and relevant to their work. This resulted in a more visible tag button to create better structure and interaction.

Hamburger menu: We did UI changes that is it.


Being a project lead I found it a bit challenging in the beginning, but it made me stronger and gave me better self-confidence to rely on my decision-making abilities and leading capabilities. Understanding when we needed to dig a little bit more and when to move forward in the project. I have never really seen myself as the leader type but during this process, I leared how to take responsibility and understand my abilities. I have always been a team player and being led I understood the importance of including the team members in the work and decision-making process to ensure great results and a happy team. As a leader, you need to create a creative and open space to bring out the best in everyone. For this project begin my first real UX project we had highs and lows but all was a valuable experience.


The design of a product changes radically when you work iteratively. The paper prototypes we drew after the research phase resembled nothing like the mock-up and it's difficult to do preliminary research when doing school projects. We learned a lot during the process and we will use all the knowledge in future projects. We learned how to create a prototype, how to user testing, and act on user feedback. We now have ab better understanding of how projects work professionally and working with a large company gave us an understanding of the complex processes and challenges they face.

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